Lexa Berman’s Narcissistic Epic Fail on the X-Factor Auditions

Alt News Reports

You know it’s really too bad. Lexa Berman has the looks, [ and she knows it ] although her general disposition about her appearance really sucks.  A little bit of haughtiness is ok, alot is really just gross. Trying to intimidate your competition by telling them to step out of the line and drop out right before the audition is way uncool.

With a proper attitude adjustment and a healthy dose of humility, maybe some genuine sweetness and sincerity tossed into the mix, this girl might have actually passed her audition. Singing through the sinuses can be cured with voice lessons, and the vocal range can be extended through practice.

But her attitude was so snarky and off-putting, she kind of deserved this “no” vote. Britney’s face said it all. Lexa got “gonged.”  Back to the drawing board, Lexa.

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