RobSten Reunited? You Know It MUST Be Important When the Washington Post Weighs In

Last night at about 2 am it was still a widely circulating rumor. This morning it’s being reported as a fact.

America‘s favorite vampire couple is [ at least apparently ]  reconciling this month after Kristen Stewart‘s tawdry little summer affair with her “Snow White and The Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders, but it would make good business sense if the two gorgeous mega-stars could at least be on good speaking terms for the coming fall 2012 movie premiere season.

Rumor has it Kristen’s dad played into the rumored renegotiation of their mutually broken hearts, when he contacted Robert Pattinson and asked him on behalf of his forlorn daughter to please “give Kristen one more chance.” Like any other salacious rumor, this may or may not be exactly how it all went down, but the word on the street is they are now talking., er ummm, reuniting, no strike that, they are moving in together again, and the past tense real estate is flying.

But then again I’m game enough to openly speculate that there is a very real possibility that this entire grisly spectacle [ the affair, the breakup, the reunion, the collateral damage, the TV and movie spin-offs, the dream of even larger profits to come ] had been privately pre-arranged between the two super-stars, movie producers and Sanders to garner massive global media intrigue, thus possibly creating the perfect set-up for an explosive attendance record for the last installment of the “Twilight” film trilogy. Stranger things have happened in Hollywood.

If I was a movie producer or a studio executive who lived for the greed of surpassing each motion picture‘s profit balance sheet with yet another motion picture which surpasses the most recent one, [ isn’t that who they are? ] and hell bent on earning the most money for my next  film franchise EVER, it would not be out of the question that I would push several million dollars toward my mega stars under the table just to have them publicly play out the highly charged roles of predatory villain [ Rupert Sanders ], cheater [ Kristen Stewart ] and jilted stunningly handsome Romeo [ Robert Pattinson ].

Can you imagine a better script for an all out  movie premiere media frenzy? After all, they are two actors and a director, and we are all just the consuming fools who have been convinced that vampirism is now one of the sexiest activities on planet earth.

Processing the Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson reconciliation rumors


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