World’s Most Endearing Video Footage of William and Kate: Dancing in Grass Skirts on the Last Day of the Royal Tour

As if to celebrate the announcement of the court’s injunction against French “Closer” magazine, William and Kate let loose just a little bit on the last night of their Royal Tour on the island of Tuvalu, donned grass skirts, and celebrated with the locals in traditional dances.

Their legal team had announced the same day a legal court injunction against French magazine “Closer” – a small but significant victory for the Royal couple, the injunction mandating that the offending publication must turn now relinquish all nude photos taken of the couple and cease plans to publish more photos. Although photos have also been circulated widely online and were published in Ireland, this legal injunction was something to smile and dance about!

The couple seemed to really enjoy participating in the dance ceremonies, a relaxing and refreshing moment, and a beautiful way to spend the last night of their first ever Royal Tour as a married couple.

Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of another sad and sorry little episode of global Paparazzi making the private lives of public figures miserable. Every young couple in love, whether they are Royals or not, deserve privacy and the sanctity of a private life. We would still have Princess Diana with us if not for the predatory aggression of global paparazzi. I personally hope the offending photographer is sued by the Royals within an inch of his hide and his life, then followed by paparazzi daily to the end of his [ or her ] days.

“Wonderful news for the couple: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have won an injunction in a French court preventing Closer magazine from publishing further paparazzi shots of Kate. The magazine will be fined €10,000 per day if it publishes any more photographs. A separate criminal investigation into charges Closer and the photographer breached the couple’s privacy has been launched.” –


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