The Other Shoe Drops: Mitt Romney Can’t Possibly Win the Presidency


Mitt Romney in 2007 in Washington, DC at the V...

Mitt Romney finally put his foot so far deep in his own mouth he won’t be able to speak again without having surgery first.

Thud. That’s the sound of the other shoe dropping as the second secret Mitt Romney video clip surfaces and begins circulating around the web.

It was bad enough a few days ago to hear Mitt Romney [ and I am a former Romney supporter and a conservative leaning Independent ] flatly state that 47% of Americans believed they were “victims” and were not willing to “take responsibility for their own lives”.

That one statement by Romney was so jaw-droppingly stupid and ill informed that it made me step back and actually ponder this man’s intelligence.

In one fell swoop Romney had just made a statement which insulted the primal dignity of anyone in the United States earning less than $50,000 per year, practically all of fixed income retirees who live on social security after working all their lives, and most all of the recently and long term unemployed, many of whom have high level skills and/or degrees who either cannot find work fresh out of college, or whom were laid off from careers in the 2008-2009 recession.

And now comes the next jaw dropper for conservative voters, the SECOND secret Romney video clip, which exposes Romney sharing his real feelings on Israel, foreign policy in the Mideast, the Mideast peace process and the option of a two state solution for Palestine and Israel. Be sitting down and NOT holding a cup of coffee when you watch this, as you are bound to spill it all over yourself in jarred disbelief:

It’s a sad [ and silly ] experience for the GOP and independent conservatives to watch Romney’s candidacy self-destruct in such high profile slow motion as everyday Americans and the media react to these revealing comments. It’s just incredible. If it weren’t so damn tragic it would be comical.In fact, I guess it IS kind of comical at this point. So much for a regime change in the US. It’s not going to happen. Not with Mitt Romney’s mouth being his own worst enemy. I personally see no saving this.  We all now know way too much about how Romney really feels about a variety of hot-button issues. The most incendiary commentary is Romney’s dangerously inflammatory opinion on the state of affairs, present and future, in Mideast relations between Israel and Palestine.

People in the Mideast and in America, especially US military families, need to be able to feel a sense of hope about the future of peace in the Mideast, we all need that, but the comments Romney makes in this clip are all but cemented in cynicism and hopelessness: “kick the ball forward.”Really? Spend the four years of your term in office as President just passing the buck to the next administration? That’s not a leader I want to vote for. In fact, that’s not my idea of a leader at all. It’s definitely not the disposition that the American leader of the free world should be assuming. I’m appalled. The British have a word for this condition:


I was an enthusiastic supporter of Mitt Romney all year, but I am now throwing in the towel. At this point, having learned all of this about Romney’s REAL disposition on America, Americans and Mideast foreign policy, there is no way I could forgive myself if I voted for this man. Without a sitting US president who is fully and wholeheartedly committed to the Mideast peace process and the defense of Israel as our primary ally in a world increasingly hostile  to the West, the planet will ignite in world war three within years, if not months.

I could not live with myself if I voted for this man having learned all this. And if I feel this way now, having been a staunch supporter of the Romney campaign all through the arduous process of his finally claiming the 2012 nomination, try to imagine how many others who are part of the “47%” he cited must feel.

I most likely won’t vote this fall. I feel sick with disappointment.

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