Lana Del Rey’s Silky Smooth Vocals A Crowd Pleaser at NYC’s Wooly Lounge: Photos Video

Congrats to Lana Del Rey on her recent re-introduction of herself as “Lana Del Ray, retro style maven, singer, vocalist” by way of her recent live performance at the Wooly Lounge in NYC on September 19th. Reviews for Lana’s rare live performance at NYC’s retro night spot The Wooly Lounge are coming in and they are good. Yes, she can sing.

Whew, what a relief. I’d hate to see her demoted to daytime soap opera vixen or runway model after all that effort by record companies to groom and manufacture another new international pop music idol. Rolling Stone has written a solid thumbs up review, and that’s always good. If you can’t please the boys at RS you are in deep trouble as a singer.

Del Rey has been called the anti-Adele, but she had to earn the actual title of real vocalist first. The infamous SNL appearance last winter didn’t help her cause any.

But the well planned, intimate, up-close and personal live performance Del Rey gave in NYC a few days ago, with minimal musical set dressing, no audio effects, just clean yet stylish instrumentation, is just what we all needed to hear. It’s a step in the right direction for Lana. I’m looking forward to hearing more.

More Music Video: Lana Del Rey

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