The BBC produces a wonderful TV show called “The Power of Art” which explores visual art and its impact upon human culture. It’s highly recommended as a muich needed break from the nonsense which is aired on most American TV stations. You can sample one of their shows in it’s entirety here:

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It would appear that the most sophisticated art experts are not always right after all. We have the BBC’s “Fake or Fortune” TV show  to thank for calling in their own experts to re-examine three different Joseph Mallard William Turner canvases which had languished for decades in storage, after art expert Martin Butler examined them and announced that they were fakes years ago.

British genius Turner, like so many painters in history who have dared to reveal what society would not always prefer to see, was not always popular, and was often rebuked with all out rancor when his works appeared. This was especially true of his masterwork, “Slave Ship.”

I’m thrilled to learn that we have three more Turner works which ARE authentic which can be enjoyed and cherished for decades to come, as they rightfully should be. To ignore the wisdom of the artist as painter is to…

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