Ooops! Sofia Vergara’s Wardrobe Malfunction at the 2012 Emmys, Her Booty-licious New GQ Photo Spread

Sofia Vergara Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction Moments Before Modern Family Emmy Win

Sofia Vergara may just have one of the most famous derrieres in show business, right along side the incredibly delicious rear view of Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. In fact, showing it off in a stunning sparkly teal evening gown, which Vergara was practically poured into, almost went awry, as the back side of the gown burst open at the precise spot where it shouldn’t about twenty minutes before she learned she had won an Emmy for Best TV Comedy with the cast of Modern Family.

Onlookers said Sofia was seen dashing into the dressing room with her fiance’s coat wrapped around her waist just a few minutes before she found out she and the cast had won and Emmy. A seamstress was snapped mending the rip in her gown, which had torn open right down the middle below her spine. OMG bad timing. It was sewn back together in the knick of time and Sofia then stepped onto the stage and made a stunning appearance to accept her Emmy. No one in the crowd knew the better until the photos of the backstage moment of panic came out today. Wardrobe malfunctions do happen! Whew. Give that seamstress a huge tip. The photo below shows the gown before it was repaired. {TMI?}

All the kerfuffle and on-the-spot dress repair didn’t stop Ms. Vergara from dancing the night away at one of the Emmy after-parties, as she was snapped shaking her booty while standing in a chair not too far from the DJ’s station.

See for more photos.

Vergara recently made another booty-astonishing appearance in  Mexico’s GQ magazine where she recently did a fairly revealing and over-the-top sexy photo shoot:

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