The amount of violence unleashed by riot police against protesters in Spain on 9.25.2012 is both unnerving and blatantly cruel. Here’s footage.

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Update 9.26.2012

The world awakened to more riots in the Eurozone this morning as Greek citizens in Athens took to the streets to protest austerity measures, joining Spanish citizens who rioted yesterday.

Yesterday I wrote:

I watched the CBS Evening News and the NBC Evening News tonight, September 25th 2012. CBS gave about 14 seconds of coverage to the riots in Spain, preferring to linger for 8 or 9 minutes of their broadcast on the {non} election campaign. Not much was mentioned about how little either candidate is actually saying to the American people as to exactly how they would keep our own country from soon falling over a cliff of debt. As usual, this bothers me. But everyone knows that by now.

Here’s footage of the riots in Spain. From the looks of this footage, this got rough, really rough. People were rioting over cutbacks to social services

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