OMG. Just when you thought it could not possibly get any more stupid on collegecampuses with the obsessive urge to obliterate every single last brain cell with alcohol.

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We all know that fraternities and sororities and their hazing rituals can sometimes get way out of hand and go terribly wrong. But in our ever escalating “intoxication nation” college students are now experimenting with new, bizarre and truly dangerous ways of getting higher or drunker faster that borders upon the insane. That’s what happened in Tennessee.

The Knoxville News Sentinel reports that the practice came to light this past Saturday when a student was brought to a local hospital with alcohol poisoning. Police said his blood alcohol was measured at above 0.40, a level that can be fatal.Fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha House is offending the culprit. Parents heads up, would-be college students, steer clear of Pi Kappa Alpha in Tennessee. The only successful method of stopping the madness is to shame these stupid sons of bitches to death before they kill somebody.

And just in case you thought this…

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