Lady Gaga Family Restaurant Cited for 8 Different Health Code Violations, Gets “One Star” Review

Dining out in NYC? You might want to skip the much ballyhooed Italian restaurant “Joanne Trattoria” owned by Lady Gaga and her family. Health inspectors recently cited the fairly new eatery for more than 8 health and sanitation violations, adding to a whopping 42 points of total health code violations.

If stomach churning health code violations don’t much matter to you, you might also want to consider the recent review given to the eatery by The New York Daily News: one star. That’s the lowest review a restaurant can get and still be considered a place to dine out in public. That’s one star above ZERO, otherwise known as a culinary rating that’s practically “dead in the water.”

It all seems oddly suitable, given that there has always been something about Gaga that I find more than a little bit nauseating. The meat suit was definitely off-putting.  Her frequent displays of public nudity are rather sickening,  and the level of flagrant public exhibitionism she displays in media appearances is as garish as any carnival freak show one could pay a quarter to be horrified by. The only thing Gaga hasn’t done yet is a publicized public suicide where she ends up pickled in a large jar which would then be on display at the entrance to “Joanne Trattoria“. Gaga’s die hard fans [ pun intended ] could then gawk at the dead pickled Mother Gaga floating in the life-sized jar by the door on their way in to be poisoned at her family restaurant. I’m sure her publicists are already all over this idea. It would be the ultimate 21st century publicity stunt most suitable for the times we are living in.

“Highlights include a waiter revealing that the cheese the expensive Italian restaurant doles out is supplied by ”whoever gets it to us cheapest.”  Kaminer claimed the $18  fried calamari “arrive so sloppily plated that it look[ed] like the kitchen threw it back in the bowl after dropping it.”  From a taste standpoint he said that the dish had more bread crumbs than it did squid.”

Links cited courtesy of “The Smoking Gun” new blog…

In Joanne Trattoria’s defense, I have posted an earlier rave review from this past summer, dated July 24th 2012. By the way, Gaga’s parents seem so nice and so refreshingly normal in media interviews.  So what the hell happened to her?  Did the teenager who grew up to be Lady Gaga get bullied into bizarreness as a teen?  In her interview with her mother on Oprah Winfrey Gaga spoke of literally being picked up and thrown into a trash dumpster by bullying teens when she was in high school. That’s an experience that cannot have felt too great. But it does make me wonder, was she already so “bizarre” in high school that her behavior elicited such a reaction from other kids in her school?

The latest bizarreness from the horrific “Haus of Gaga” is the internet rumor that her new perfume contains ingredients commeasurate with a literal witchcraft potion. Don’t miss the report by Intel Hub detailing what’s really in the inky Gaga perfume “Fame.”

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