Cat Fights For Ratings? Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey [ Faux ] Feud Might Be Made to Order

At least Steven Tyler and several other celebs think so. Tyler was asked what he thought about the diva scratch-off as he was leaving an L.A. restaurant, and he basically replied that he thought it was all bullshit. Whether this drama was cooked up to boost sagging IDOL ratings or not, I happen to agree. Grown women behaving like alley cats is not just embarrassing to watch, it really cheapens and detracts from the purpose of the show, which is to cultivate great musical talent. If Nicki Minaj is too “gangsta bitch” to know how to behave on live television, we could end up seeing a live on air throw down this fall that would damage the show’s reputation permanently. Whatever happened to making an effort to behave like half decent role models for young people? Is that off the table now?

My take on Nicki Minaj from the beginning is that she was rather like a black Lady Gaga wanna-be, short on imagination to craft her own image, but quick to borrow from others. And musical talent doesn’t have to be accompanied by such a mega-dose of gang attitude and street-bitch swag that a woman can’t keep her job at American Idol. If this feud is actually real and not orchestrated IDOL producers should fire Minaj and get on with the show.


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