Trick or Treat: Gaga Perfume “Fame” a Witchcraft Potion: Atropa Belladonna, Blood, Semen Extract Among It’s Ingredients

How dark does it get in the murky world of media, marketing and TV adverts? It doesn’t get much darker than the TV advertising for Lady Gaga’s new perfume “Fame.” The magazine ads are just as off-putting. But then again I’m not particularly a fan of Luciferic imagery and Satanic looking magazine adverts. Hey – that’s just me and I am well aware I swim against the tide of pop culture’s current descent into the glorification of all depravity. The world might really want to go there, but I don’t – and I won’t.

I tried to watch the lurid TV spot advertising Gaga’s fragrance “Fame” while composing this post, but frankly I became uncomfortable with the imagery just a few seconds into it and just clicked it off. My personal emotional response to the boiling black images was a resounding “No!”  If the promotions for the fragrance were literally designed to repel, repulse, and put consumers off the new fragrance entirely, then the agency which produced this spot did a bang-up fabulous job. Well done. You managed to completely gross me out in about 10 seconds. Hope that gets you an Addy Award.

But wait, it gets worse, much much worse. The popular alternative news reporting site The Intel Hub has posted a very disturbing report about the actual components for the fragrance, which read like a virtual cauldron list of documented medieval witchcraft potion ingredients.  You just can’t make this stuff up, huh?

It’s long been speculated among alternative news reporters that the Mother Monster is some sort of global spokes-priestess for the Illuminati elites, and the horrific imagery in many of her music videos reinforces this claim. So it would not surprise this author if Gaga and her new world media machine along with Haus Laboratories in Paris had concocted a perfume with ingredients repulsive enough to be considered by the witchcraft community of the world as an actual legitimate potion for inducing sex magick. Wow. So theoretically, if you wanted to initiate about 6 million clueless Gaga devotees into the dark arts without their knowledge, this would sure be one way to do it.

And who labels a perfume bottle “black fluid”?  Do you want your “Gaga intoxicated” little girl or tween to wear a fragrance labelled “black fluid”? The fluid turns clear when exposed to air. Gee, that’s magical. In fact, that’s a little bit TOO magical for my tastes.

“Fame” is the first black perfume ever made in the world and was produced by Coty.  The formula turns invisible once it touches air and was described by Gaga as the scent of “blood and semen.”

For the corporate high science of mass merchandising, Lady Gaga is a money making machine on acid not seen since the bygone days of Elvis. Any time your fans take to YouTube to post their own reviews of your product BEFORE it’s released to the masses, you are automatically giving every ad executive who worked on the marketing campaign a multiple orgasm of joy. The first two videos below show the TV adverts replete in all their pop horror, the last two are a pretty good example of the dozens of YT videos posted by Gaga fans who breathlessly reviewed the new fragrance.

Personally, I would never dare allow my own child or a niece, or anyone in my family to wear a perfume which allegedly contains Atropa Belladonna [ Google it  – it’s a deadly poison, a toxic hallucinogenic also know as Deadly Nightshade ], extract of human male semen, and [ really??] human blood. Atropa Belladonna is also known by the slang name “Devil’s Cherries.”

How many millions of dumb Gaga consumers are buying this garbage? Apparently way too many. The fragrance is selling like bullion. It ‘s all just a little too sickening.  I’m sorry, but I don’t happen to be training any of the youngsters in my family circle to become little witches. And I would not want them to be wearing a fragrance made from an ingredient which is also known as “Devils’ Cherries.”

Like the filthy restaurant her family owns, I’d give this garish product with the awful ingredients a one star rating.

There’s a really terrific way to express your disgust with this fragrance offering. Just don’t buy the product and don’t allow your young or tween girls to buy it either. This may come too late for unknowing mothers too busy keeping the bills paid to realize why their little tween is whirling in her bedroom like a dervish to Gaga songs and smelling very very strange these days. Trick or treat.

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