Has Barack Obama Had a Nose Job? Before and After Photos

I located some photos of Barack Obama today that compare his nose from the early 1990s to his nose today. It appears to me that Obama has had his nose thinned and re-shaped cosmetically. I am posting these photos and posing the query to readers. Does it appear to you that Mr. Obama had his nose re-shaped at some time between 1990 and the early 2000s when he began his political career?

If so, did Obama have his nose altered to appear more Caucasian and less “black’?  We all recall Micheal Jackson’s ever-changing facial features through the years. I spent a lifetime before I started blogging noticing facial details as a professional artist and illustrator. It does appear to me that Obama has indeed had his nose done. What do you think?

I also included some other photos of the young Barack Obama in the 1980s and his nose looks much different. The change seems to have taken place around 2004 or 2005.







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