Obama Wins Re-Election

Updated at 8:25 pm pacific time Tuesday night, November 6th 2012

Barack Obama has been re-elected to the presidency, winning Ohio and clinching the majority of electoral votes. More than 6 billion dollars was spent collectively in all the political campaigning. Earlier this week I wrote:

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“It’s a numbers game. The nation is leaning so far to the left at this moment that I can hear California falling into the sea. The 2012 election, more than anything, is a contest of competing American demographics that favor the young and the foolish over the old and the wise. Brace yourself for the next four years of America under Barack Obama. The demographics of the nation are leaning in his favor.”

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Presidential Election Map of Electoral Votes 2012

Last Day of the Campaign – A Snapshot

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This is my last blog post about the 2012 presidential campaign, and boy, am I ever glad. I’ve never become so weary of an election year as I have this one. Neither have I ever witnessed such a vapid presidential campaign, utterly devoid of real vision, exciting leadership, new…

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