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Updated Thursday, November 15th 2012

Granted, this is a really strange story and I have no idea what implications it holds for the country. I found the story buried in a list of YT videos last Sunday. At that time 15 states had filed online petitions. The drive to request “secession” began with Texas based secessionist leader Daniel Miller, who has been the most vocal about Texas’s longstanding secession fantasies. By day two 30 more states were represented online at with secession petitions. By day three the number went to 37, then 50. There has been practically no TV news coverage of the fledgling “secession movement” and spotty, sporadic coverage of the development on internet news sites. It was because I noted that I chose to follow the development for several days exclusively. Matt Drudge saw what I was seeing, and noted on http://drudgereport.comSecession Movement Explodes”…

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