This bizarre phenomenon of large orbs, many of which are hundreds of times larger than planet earth, appearing very close to the sun, has been documented since 2008 at least. No scientist on earth that I have seen has offered any sort of explanation for this – which is truly inexplicable according to what we presently know about the sun. How can this be happening unless there are hyper-space portals located at certain points around the sun which serve as entrance and exit points for multi-dimensional time / space travel? If I ever locate a science report on this phenomenon I will race to post it. No such luck so far, only silence from NASA and every other astronomy news outlets on the web. Here’s the video report.

Hidden Agendas


Published on 27 Jan 2013

Review of images from NASA satellites: SOHO SREREO.
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(RUS) НЛО возле Солнца 27 января 2013.

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