New York Cliché

I tell people I am from San Francisco and they gasp. “It’s so beautiful there!” They shriek in abject horror, “Why would you ever leave!?” Ask me in May and I have good answers:  I love New York! Theatre! Contacts! Networking! Change of scene! Ask me in January why I left San Francisco for New York? I’ll clutch my cold red cheeks with my frozen fingers and cry, “For I am a fool! A FOOL!”

Oh, I exaggerate. As I type, I am on a plane, returning to NYC after 2 glorious weeks in San Francisco. It was a lovely holiday full of sunny days and family time but I’m glad to go back. (Even if it’s freezing, I was going to say, but then informed me the current temperature in NYC is 43°, barely colder than San Francisco, currently at 48°!) My life is in New York.

Still- the beaches, the sun…

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