Everyone, meet Chris P. Bacon. He’s a tiny little piglet who was born without the use of his hind legs — but he’s now learning to walk with the help of a pint-sized wheelchair. He’s got a growing web presence and he’s also really adorable.

According to the Toronto Stara woman brought the piglet to a Florida veterinarian, intending to put him down as she couldn’t properly take care of him. The vet, Len Lucero, decided to adopt him and soon constructed a makeshift wheelchair using old toy parts (K’Nex, for those who were wondering.)

If the wheels seem to be a bit too light, don’t worry: Lucero told the Toronto Star that he has since weighed them down and they work better now. When Chris P. Bacon grows, though, he’ll probably need a whole new wheelchair. But for now, let’s just all take a moment…

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