Fellowship of the Minds

I already have trouble remembering what the initials LGBT stand for — Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender — and the order of the initials, as in LGBT, not GLBT, not LBGT, not BLGT, or GBLT.

Now they’ve added three more initials!

All hail QIA: Queer, Intersex (whatever that is), and Asexual.

Augsburg College

Dale O’Leary reports for LifeSiteNews, Feb. 6, 2013, on “LGBTQIA: the expanding gender agenda”:

Last month The New York Times published an article on the latest expansion of sexual identity among students at progressive universities in the United States. LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) no longer covers it, according to a handful of students who seem to have nothing better to do than reinvent themselves. “Generation LGBTQIA” want recognition for queer, intersex and asexual proclivities as well. According to the Times, this list by no means is final but continually being added to as students “move beyond the binary of…

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