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The Lumineers (above) appeared this past year with their album The Lumineers, released April 2, 2012.  Two songs, “Ho Hey,” and “Stubborn Love,” were released as singles. They have been nominated for Best New Artist, and Best Americana Album.  The song “Ho Hey,” went triple-platinum, selling its 3 millionth download as of January 31.  The small group from Denver is making it’s way to the big top tonight at the Grammys.
I was first introduced to the Lumineers through a friend and I went on youtube and searched “The Lumineers KEXP” to see if they had played on KEXP.  I was successful in finding their full performance on KEXP.  Click Here to watch.  The folk rock group performed and toured with Dave Matthews Band this year and in 2012.  I highly recommend listening to the song “Charlie Boy,” by the Lumineers.  I really enjoy that song…

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