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The Ban on Google Glass Begins (and they aren’t even available yet)

I’ve been putting this off for months now [ opining about Google Glasses aka “Google Glass” ]. Now that The Five Point Cafe in Seattle has decided to throw down the gauntlet [ and YAY! good for them ] and ban wearing Google Glasses inside the well known eating and drinking establishment, I’ll weigh in as well.

I’m actually familiar with the Five Point Cafe. Every over-worked web designer and Seattle musician knows the establishment as well. It’s just a great place to have breakfast or just relax, have a drink and unwind WITHOUT being bothered, stared at, hit on, or subjected to someone getting up in your face for [ fill-in-the-blank ] reason. I nursed many a late night out, Sunday am  hangover at the Cafe in the 1990s, when I lived in Seattle.


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