Facebook’s ‘Home’ An Ultimate CIA Coup De Gras For 24-7 Citizen Surveillance

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What’s even worse than an ever-present gnawing 24-7 FACEBOOK addiction that you MUST check your FB presence every hour of every day lest something dire or wonderful happen that you might miss?

Facebook “Home” – An Absolute CIA Coup De Gras

Now Facebook will never ever go away, and will be “checking on you” pretty much continuously throughout the day, as long as you have your phone turned on and the battery in it – which most people do. Congratulations, with the addition of FB “Home” to your smart phone, you have given the CIA 24-7  non-stop access to your everyday activities and whereabouts, whether you are posting, updating, or not.

I knew it was coming of course, along with others like me, who have been warning about the dangers that Facebook entails for civil liberties for years.  Anyone who has ever listened to one of Mark Zuckerberg’s techno-zombie…

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