Volkswagen’s People’s Car Project: “I Gotta Get Me One Of These!”

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Volkswagen’s endearing little Hover Car may as well be right out of the rough script pages of Minority Report, which featured sleek flashy hover cars which could perform feats of sheer automotive wonder.

It’s a perfectly adorable, nearly perfectly round, nearly fully transparent two seater Hover Car that floats on air which delights and surprises everyone who sees it. Talk about visibility. It even includes voice activated commands, and it drives with a little round joystick. What’s even more wonderful is that it came out of the mind and imagination of a young Chinese design student named Wang Jia.

I have a feeling that this is the new direction which automotive technology will take in the next 50 years. Just a hunch. And yes, I would place money on it. Check this puppy out:

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