8 Simple Rules at the Bar

I am re-posting this piece for “the young and the clueless” who mostly these days have no idea how to behave in any public setting, much less how to apply the nuances of public etiquette which should be considered when dining alone in a bar or tavern and sitting at the bar. It impressed me that there are still observant individuals around who actually consider these kinds of unspoken rules. Hat tip to the author, whom I now consider to be rather genteel. I say this with the utmost respect, as frankly I note that “well manneredness” in public is disappearing everywhere in American life. Seasoned travelers do notice the both application and absence of good conduct in public.

No Facilities

clip_image002When I am traveling alone, I normally look for a restaurant where I can eat at the bar. Sitting, eating and drinking at a bar isn’t rocket-science, but there are certain expectations and a person who disregards one of these, stands out very quickly. I added one to my list last night and I realized that I have 8. Since this is the second time I’m posting a list of 8-Things, I should give credit to John Mancini for the concept; thanks John!

Respect what you don’t appreciate – I think the first time I started taking note of these violations was in Boston, while eating dinner at Jacob Wirth’s. I like Sam Adams, and Jacob Wirth’s has a variety of Sam brews along with about 40 other great beers on tap. While I was sitting at the bar, this guy and his girlfriend squeeze in next to…

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