From Stablehand to Millionaire With One Wager: The Legendary Bet Made By Conor Murphy

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‘Murphy’s Law’ Suddenly Takes on New Meaning

Gamblers love a good “win” story the way fishermen love a good “fish” story. If you enjoy wagering now and again, you are going to LOVE this story.

29 year old Irishman Conor Murphy worked in BerkshireEngland as a stablehand, exercising horses, shoveling stalls, combing and grooming high strung, high octane thoroughbreds for a living. The man had a talent for knowing which horses looked to be most likely to run a good race, and which ones were lagging, needing better care. One afternoon in December of 2011, on a lark, he picked five of his personal favorites and bet the UK equivalent of about $75 usd on each horse to win at the upcoming March Cheltenham Festival in Gloucestershire..  The bet was called “a five-horse accumulator” and he placed the wager through his online betting account. It was…

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