“American Idol” Is Coming to the Conclusion of It’s Natural TV Lifespan: How I Know The End is Near

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Us older folks know a thing or two about the average expected lifespan of a television show. I’m less than 100 but older than 30 so I am eligible to comment on this very peculiar and unnatural phenomenon. TV consumer folk wisdom has it that the average lifespan of a popular television show is approximately 9 t0 12 years. Once you cross the 11, 12, 13 year threshold, your days are numbered in TV.  I can’t tell you exactly why this is true, but it has held true for as long as I have watched TV and observed the parade of experimental entertainment endeavors come and go, and then tastelessly or graciously finally drop off the evening schedule and out of sight.

I believe part of it is just an organic human response to the fake drama and silly frat house shenanigans which will surround a show like “

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