You Are Not A Sketch , Say No To Anorexia By Star Models Brazil

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                      ATTENTION !!! PHOTOSHOPPED  IMAGES !!!

By Daily Mail : 
Star Models, a modeling agency based in Brazil, has released a graphic new anti-anorexia ad campaign, using Photoshop to turn models into life-size fashion illustrations.

The ads, which run with the tag line ‘Say no to anorexia,’ show a fashion illustration with typically exaggerated proportions next to a model wearing the same outfit – and the same measurements.
While the models have been airbrushed to mimic the unrealistic illustrations, the ad pleads to young women: ‘You are not a sketch.’
The graphic ad campaign has been lauded as ‘powerful,’ with critics hopeful that it will send an effective anti-anorexia message against thinspiration blogs and pro-anorexia websites.
Liz Osborne-Leavell, who works in customer service at Epicuren, said: ‘It sends a powerful message… It’s a literal visualization of what the fashion industry sets the standards at.’
While Adam Green…

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