“Most Wanted” Suspect Is Caught By Being Blasted Out of Tree With Firehose in Snohomish County

Alt News Reports

Clearview, Washington – Snohomish County, May 18th 2013:

WTF? Yep. That’s how it all went down, lol.

Vincent Nutter, a 22 year old felon who had already made it onto the “Washington State’s Most Wanted List” – was trying to outrun Snohomish County sheriffs chasing him on a warrant violation yesterday, [ felony possession of a firearm ] first stole a car to flee the police, then when they cornered him anyway, he took off running through the woods and climbed up 40 feet into a tall tree.

Fire District 7 was called out to assist when negotiations with Nutter failed to inspire the outlaw to climb down, and he was blasted with water a few times from high velocity fire hoses. This action apparently convinced him that climbing down might be a better idea than taking a 40 foot fall while being hosed. He climbed down and…

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