Cyber Bullying of Rape Victims – Modern Day Version of Stoning

Girls' Globe

Steubenville_Twitter reactionLast fall, a teenage girl in Steubenville, Ohio, was sexually assaulted and raped. Pictures and video of the assault spread like wildfire in social media, including a disturbing video of several young men laughing and joking about raping a unconscious teenage girl. Two of these young men were found guilty of rape, which prompted hundreds of people to attack the rape victim in social media, calling her a slut and a liar.

In Chicago, two teenage boys are being prosecuted for raping a 12-year old girl at gunpoint – and posting a video of the rape on Facebook.

In California, three young men are being accused of raping a 15-year old girl, taking photos of the assault, and sharing them in social media. The victim committed suicide a week after the assault, after learning that photos of the rape had been shared amongst her schoolmates.

In Canada, 17-year…

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