Fascinating Photos of Famous Authors as Teenagers

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By Emily Temple on Mar 25, 2013 3:00pm

Over the weekend, Vol.1 Brooklyn pointed us towards this delightful collection of never-before-seen photographs of Ernest Hemingway as a teenager, in all his handsomely smug glory. Inspired, we took it upon ourselves to dig up a handful of snapshots of other legendary authors in those awkward (or not so awkward, as the case may be) teenage years, before they penned the words that made them famous. After the jump, check out what we found — and if we missed your favorite photo of a soon-to-be-famous author, be sure to add it to our collection in the comments.


A 17-year-old Ernest Hemingway as a high school junior. [via]


A teenage Neil Gaiman. [via]


A 16-year-old Flannery O’Connor, profiled in her high school paper. [via]


Philip Roth at his senior prom at Weequahic High…

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