A Brief Survey of Cassini’s 15 Year Journey Through Our Solar System

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Titan and Saturn

Cassini’s historic space journey to Saturn actually began back in 1990 when the onset of the behemoth engineering task was undertaken build the pioneering satellite. It took seven years to build, and was finally launched in October of 1997.  Just one of many “serendipitous” facts about the Cassini mission is that it would ultimately require the extra gravity boost of Venus [ twice ] and Jupiter to propel the tiny satellite all the way to Saturn, in spite of Cassini’s plan to be launched by the mighty Titan rocket, the largest space rocket on earth.  And it “just so happened” that just such a rare planetary alignment of Venus and Jupiter was to occur in the late 1990s which would not occur again for more than 600 years, making the October 1997 launch of Cassini a unique an unparalleled moment of opportunity,  a quite literal catapult into the 21st…

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