Uh-Oh: New Apple iPhone 7 Operating System Making Some Users Nauseous, Physically Sick

Alt News Reports

Ooooops. Your bad, Apple. The new operating system [ iOS ] for Apple iPhones is having a VERY unpleasant side effect on thousands of users. It’s making them physically sick, nauseous, inducing a feeling similar to carsickness or motion sickness., Others report getting headaches. It seems the accelerated animated zoom on the OS when an app opens or closes is creating a reaction in some users similar which is to vertigo, creating a very undesirable side effect, [ mainly nausea. dizziness, and headaches ] and thousands of Apple users are sounding off about it. What’s worse, apparently going back to iOS 6 is no longer an option. THAT’S not good either.

The other option of course, would be to lay off using the iPhone for periods of time, but since that’s not likely to happen, Apple better find a solution, and quick. Seems there’s alot of really sick Apple iPhone…

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