Which States Make the Most Popular Beer? USA and World Beer Maps

American Info Maps


Unless it’s a micro-brew out of the Pacific Northwest [ I’m partial ] most American beer sucks. Animal bile is mixed into many commercial beers like Budweiser and Miller to get them to foam properly, since “real beer” takes time to brew, and the demand from drunken college kids for beer is so huge, no one has time to actual brew it anymore. Some beer brands even found a clever to market the “fakeness” of their super-fast chemically fake brewed beer by stamping a ridiculous “freshness date” on the side, marketing the fake-fast-brew to college kids as the very “freshest” beer.  Of course they bought the ploy and consequently consumed more fake chemically brewed beer than ever, making themselves sicker than ever the next day.

http://cdn.theatlanticcities.com/img/upload/2013/07/10/2013_U.S._Open_Beer_Championship_best_brewery_in_america_capital_brewing_madison_middleton_wisconsin/largest.JPGWhen you wake up with a pure beer hangover that’s so intense that you feel as if your head is going to physically…

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