Duck Dynasty TV National Viewership Map in Red & Blue

American Info Maps

If you needed proof that there is a “Red America” and a “Blue America” then the map below is pretty convincing. Duck DynastyTV viewership shows in red, with the darkest red regions showing the most TV viewership and the pale red regions showing less viewers. The blue regions tuned out entirely, or so the statisticians tell us.

I found this map to both revealing and hilarious. We’ve experienced the results of having a “Duck Dynasty”: president already in the person of George W. Bush. What’s bothersome is that our new black cool blue president can’t seem to do a damn bit better than Duck W. George.

By the way, I don’t watch “Duck Dynasty”. I DO find the rise of “redneck idiocracy TV” to be alarming. But it’s here and it’s spreading, not unlike poison oak, which spreads quicker the more you get irritated by it. 

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