The Hazards of Personal Online Publishing: Who Owns What We Post?

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Once upon a time about 5-6 years ago, right before I made a commitment to publish via WordPress, I started a wiki on and failed or forgot to read their fine print before I began building content on the site.  This omission on my part would turn out to be a very unfortunate mistake.

Last January 2013 that wiki disappeared and I was never notified of what happened to it, either by phone, mail or email.Any and all attempts to contact Wetpaint went unanswered.

I’ve been trolling the pages of now and again since the wiki disappeared, trying to discover what possessed the company to suddenly yank tens of thousands of pages of hundreds of bloggers’ hard work, and disappear it off the internet.  It wasn’t just my wiki which disappeared, it was also the original content of hundreds of other bloggers as well.

As it turns out…

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