Weekend Wanderings – Looking Back on a Couple of Other Visits to Lorne


Since yesterday I looked back at Inverleigh and Lorne, I remembered that at around the same time I went to Lorne on couple of mornings, very early, to take some photos of the sunrise.  Of course both mornings the sunrise was not great.  That is one area I very rarely get lucky, sunrises and sunsets.  So you do what you can.

sclorne-5hpm8073-3You can see there were no clouds, so the sun just came up.  Now I have shown these images before, and like yesterday’s post, many of them disappeared, or rather, were deleted from the blog when the upgrade was done (read yesterday’s post).  So as we were looking at Lorne yesterday as well, I thought we could look at it again today, early morning ones.

I am not going to talk too much today, just show some photos and hope you have a great Sunday.  Relaxing one for me…

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