The Most Amazing Female Acrobat in the World Today is China’s “Red Panda”

Alt News Reports

We were all introduced to the fabulously talented and delightful Chinese lady acrobat “Red Panda” [ Krystal Liu ] during the “America’s Got TalentTV show last season. She performed this incredible unicycle balancing trick during her audition and brought down the house. People in the audience did not stop roaring for 4 minutes. Later, during finals, she didn’t quite complete the trick, as one bowl didn’t make it, wobbled, fell, and she was disqualified. But Red Panda had won the hearts of millions of new fans around the world. She is beloved, as her disposition during all of the acclaim remains so demure and unassuming.

Tonight I found these incredible videos showing her doing her world famous “5 bowl flip” stunt at various events before she auditioned for AGT.  This time she pulled it off with sublime perfection. To the best of my knowledge, Red…

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