Keidel: Super Bowl-ing On The Boulevard


By Jason Keidel
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If you’ve never been to New York City and have a keen curiosity on America’s money and media vortex, there’s only one bible to buy at your local Barnes & Noble.

E.B. White wrote the best book on New York City you’ll ever read. He wrote it 60 years ago, sweating in a hotel room during a scalding summer week, sans air conditioning. And it’s just as vivid and accurate now as it was in 1949, painting our petulant town with unfathomable skill and will and detail and touch. And he did it in just 54 pages.

It was a flawless essay on our beloved five boroughs, a treatise on the rhythms and regality and the absurdity of the whole thing. He framed endless contradictions, our fame and fortune, our fatuous and forlorn. There is something so colossal and anonymous yet small and amorous…

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