Oddly Precognitive Photos Told the Story: Obama vs. Putin, The Images

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For those who are adept at reading and de-coding the implied nuances of subconscious body language, the signs have been there for at least 6 months – all was not well between Obama and Putin last summer at the G8 summit. News orgs and reporters all took note.  As far back as June of last year, relations were chilling rapidly between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin over the topic of Syrian war atrocities and other related issues. As a footnote to unfolding world events, here are some of them, re-posted for the record.

The photos tell an enigmatic, mutating story:  The warm broad grinning vigorous hand shaking photos were apparently trumped up for news cameras and official state photos, but all appearances of mutual congeniality faded quickly once the “official photo session” ended. Some photographer who was clever managed to capture a few stills of the REAL mood that was…

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