Kim Jong Un Shows His Ass

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Updated on Dec 20th 2014 


The breaking news that American movie theater franchises have reacted to recent North Korean terror threats by choosing NOT to air the controversial Sony produced comedy “The Interview” has sent USA news outlets on a nonstop spree of mega-reporting about this story, which began as a disastrous computer HACK of Sony computers, harvesting, destroying and / or compromising the private information of thousands of Sony employees and film celebrities. The story has now grown such robust legs, that it was practically all that was talked about for 24 hours at a time on CNN in recent days.

Once the White House announced definitively on Dec 19th that North Korea was the known source of the hack, the news cycle on it escalated even higher. Every expert, pundit, and professional commentator who could be located was trotted out to opine on the implications and possible…

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