Brutally Honest: Movie Theater Etiquette

Sooooo long overdue! Thank you for this. It just has to be restated from time to time.


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What’s happened in our society to cause a man to think that it’s okay to pee in the urinal right next to you when the entire bathroom is empty? At what point did hands become shovels for which obscene amounts of popcorn can be shoved into a mouth? Can we identify why a toddler is sitting next to you in an “R” rated movie? If you know the answers to any of these questions, please, TELL ME!

I for one am baffled as to why as a culture we have shifted into a self-absorbed and wholly oblivious people. Common sense and common decency are among the most uncommon things in today’s society and nowhere is this more evident than at the movies.


You know the feeling during a movie when your bladder has conspired mutiny against you; when you’re forced to make the mad dash to the bathroom…

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