The Country for Old Men: The Rise of the Ageing Action Hero in Film

Burning Paper Tigers

Cast your mind back to the 80’s and imagine the top billed names on any action film: Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Van Damme, Segal. Each one a bodybuilder’s aspiration, a few of them even credited with being an origin point for the Adonis Complexi. The threats they faced were often an embodiment of Americas enemies abroad Russians, Missile Crises and even the occasional hunter from outer space with shimmering camouflage

The relation between these men, though different in nationality was that they were all in the prime of their lives. Each man was young strong and healthy, a perfect reflection of the Young Macho driven culture they were created for. This culture continued to expand through the decades, finding brand new angst during the nineties, and gaining the mass internet usage by the turn of the century. This meant that youth driven culture splintered into countless sub cultures, with this came the…

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