Where America Drinks the Most: New ‘Binge Drinking Map’ of the United States

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It’s one of those things we’ve probably all wondered about at some point. Just how alcohol soaked is the United States? I began to ponder this question after seeing unbelievable cell phone video footage of a gang rape executed in broad daylight of a young woman, passed out cold in her beach chair, by other drunk partiers during spring break in Florida.

What was most outrageous was that bystanders turned their backs to the incident and just kept on drinking. These college girls standing around on the beach, all with tall cocktails in their hands, could not be bothered by the fact that one of their peers was being sexually assaulted while passed out cold in a drunken black out on the beach, on display for all to see.

It counts as one of the lowest moments currently caught on camera in the modern American life of the average college…

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