What was fake (and real) online this week

Global News

Working in the online world can be a bit of a minefield — the web is full of fakes, frauds and hoaxes. Sorting through them all can be equally frustrating and entertaining. Global News spends a lot of time verifying online material, as do sites like Emergent and Storyful (some of even read through reams of documents, like the Verification Handbook, explaining how). What better thing to write a weekly column about?

Here’s this week in real and fake stuff on the web:

Sunday: Nepal

The devastating earthquake on Saturday in Nepal gave way to many pieces of online content in need of verification. One of the most breathtaking videos popped up on Sunday.

The video showed a group of climbers on Mount Everest running for their lives as an earthquake-induced avalanche bore down.

[tp_video id=1962475]

But was it real?

The video was posted to the YouTube account owned…

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