UFC MMA Boxing Goddess Ronda Rousey Will Be Back, Just You Wait and See

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photo-collage-1Pre-fight promotional photo shows Ronda Rousey [ left ] with her belt. This was a title fight for the worldwide UFC bantamweight championship. I believe that Ronda will fight again to get that belt back. Some athletes are now saying that Ronda won’t fight again. I believe she will. A true champion athlete doesn’t disappear after one defeat. 11.18.2015

UFC ‘lady fighting legend’ Ronda Rousey is apparently a boxer that haters love to hate. Last Saturday night Nov. 14th [ billed as Nov 15th in Australia, as it was the next day there] in Melbourne Australia, title match challenger and former boxing champion Holly Holm made history when she knocked out the formerly undefeated 12-0 UFC bantamweight fighting champion Ronda Rousey with a devastating high kick to her neck, which knocked Ronda fully unconscious for about a minute. Rousey fell hard to the matte on her left shoulder, and…

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