Trump Supporters Make Short Work of Two Liberal Hooligans Intent on Disrupting Recent Rally

Alt News Reports

You’ll need to disregard the title of the cell phone video below, as it was shot by a friend of the two liberal hooligans who were trying their best to disrupt a recent rally for Donald Trump. Several nearby Trump supporters who were actually “grown men”, not college kids, put a stop to the intended disruption and tore up the signs the two guys were holding. Security then moved in to remove the two disrupters, who were clearly at the rally just to make trouble. These guys had no business being at a Trump rally, since they consider Trump supporters to be “scary dumb” – as indicated by the title of their homemade video footage. Trump supporters aren’t dumb [ I have an IQ of 162, and I support Trump over the corrupt CFR/Illuminati/Bilderberg sponsored Hillary Clinton any day. ] but they are definitely not willing to sit idly by…

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