Madonna Was Always Sleazy, but Performing Drunk While Mocking Her Southern Concert Audience?

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Some pop stars are just jerks, and there is really no other way to state it. The Material Girl built a multi-million dollar career on being outrageous – flaunting her disrespect for, well basically anything normal [ morals, limits, monogamy, et al ] but in her 50s, approaching 60, her touring life is hitting an all time low. Yes, we know she is embroiled in a bitter custody battle over her son, but everyday in America millions of other parents have to go into courtrooms and fight for the custody of their children too. They usually don’t decide to act out and show brazen displays of public drunkenness as a result. They wisely know that behaving in such a manner might not sit well with the judge. In Madonna’s case, she has always more or less considered herself to be just a little bit ‘above the law’. I’m sure there…

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