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Girl Throws Eggs at Simon Cowell on Stage on Live TV While Man Sings Opera

One of the outrageous “live TV moments” ever is caught on tape. Cowell is despised by millions and many thought he had this coming for a very long time.

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New Orleans Crowd Boos Madonna After She Demands They Vote For Obama

Oh what a difference a few years makes. From “Yes we can” to “Get off the stage!”  This is obviously NOT the Super Bowl Halftime Show anymore Madonna, and you ought to get a clue. It’s not like this is  the first time you have been booed on stage.

The man-child Manchurian golden man whose allure was built on lies is golden no more. The entire nation is sinking into an ominous economic black hole, more than 16 trillion dollars in debt. Kids go into debt tens of thousands of dollars to get a college degree, they graduate then go work at McDonald’s if they are lucky.

If you weren’t so Illuminati Princess super rich and out of touch with the masses you would already know that. Go take a spin down the 40 square mile crusted ghetto hell hole of Detroit Madonna. Go find out why they are booing you. If you are not convinced take a drive through the sprawling ghettos of Camden NJ, Flint Michigan, Stockton California or Baltimore.

Cited:  “According to The New York Daily News, the Material Girl was on stage when she told audience members she didn’t care how they voted as long as it was for Obama. The pop star has made similar statements and publicly supported the President during other stops on the tour, but yesterday evening, she did not get the response she expected. Many members of the crowd booed and more than a handful actually got up and walked out, prompting Madonna to tell everyone she’s actually just more interested in people getting out and voting.

Recent polls have suggested Romney might win Louisiana by as much as twenty percentage points, but even if the result was flipped, there are a lot of people out there who don’t want to be told what to do. Madonna is neither a political strategist nor more informed than the rest of us who care too. She would be better served by telling people to care, as opposed to telling them who to care about.”

One report said concert goers not only booed the clueless super-rich elite Material Girl, they hurled things at the stage and many walked out of the stadium. Good for them. Maybe people aren’t as drunk on extreme Left Wing political mythology this year as they were in 2008.



Court Overturns Not Guilty Convictions From Anna Nicole Smith Drug Overdose Trial

Micheal Jackson.  Amy Winehouse.  Elvis Presley.  Marilyn Monroe.  Anna Nicole Smith.

The world can’t seem to get enough of a high profile world famous celebrity who is also an all out train wreck on acid. Sometimes, literally, on acid.

Controversial knock-out and world famous gold digger turned cable celebrity Anna Nicole Smith was the next public train wreck in a long line of doomed high profile celebrities to finally do herself in with drugs, alcohol or both back in 2007. There was something about Anna. Love her or be utterly appalled by her antics, you just could not stop watching. Everybody kept watching, and Anna kept escalating the ante with every new drama that played out on TV screens around the world. Anna was a junkie. And everyone knew it. That fact is not in dispute. Anna’s reckless drug use and excesses were well documented, but after she married attorney Howard K. Stern her drug abuse went into apparent overdrive.

Reports and rumors began leaking that Anna’s husband was doing alot of questionable things to help her drug addiction along. After her death by apparent drug overdose the story of what Howard was doing to keep Anna strung out became even murkier.

But did Anna get more than her fair share of well meaning yet wicked help along the way? What kind of psychiatrist prescribes a double fist full of addictive narcotics to a known drug abuser and addict?

People observing Anna’s marriage to Howard K. Stern often commented that there was also “something about Howard” that bothered them, something that just didn’t seem right. Observers from the outside looking in saw the lines begin to blur between husband as protector into husband as personal and corporate controller.

“My husband my friend. My husband my enemy. My husband my pill dispenser. My husband my killer.”

Is that really the way the story played out?

Court says judge wrongly tossed convictions in Smith case

There may yet be justice for Anna Nicole Smith. Five years later it turns out this story is not over. Could Anna Nicole’s psychiatrist and Howard K. Stern be headed to prison?

This post is an unfinished piece, and will be updated as the legal drama unfolds.

Watch the full video report here:

Remembering the epic saga and non-stop drama of the life and death of Anna Nicole Smith:

Anna’s little girl Dannielynn Birkhead is a dead ringer for her mother, and she is growing up quickly. See recent photos.