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Top Music Hits from 2014: What We Loved the Most

Don’t just sit there. Get busy shaking it. 2014 is almost over, and you’ve still got time to bust some famous but private dance moves, right there in your living room. I’ll turn off the spy cam and never say a word.

Top Pop Songs from 2014: The Big List

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Jessica Lange’s Stunning and Haunted Rendition of David Bowie Classic “Life on Mars”

I have been a fan of David Bowie’s music for many decades. I collected every album release from Bowie when I was in high school in the 1970s as he was just beginning to gain broader appeal outside of the UK. His early song lyrics were often not only complex and prosaic master works, but were quite prophetic portraits of a society as he saw it, already crumbling around the edges from the strain of 20th century events piled one on top of the other until the framework which held our own understanding of those events began to crack, sway and finally give way. Bowie knew how to chronicle such things in song. He was the first musician after Bob Dylan and Neil Young to pen and capture relevant social commentary, then weave it into his own personal musical narrative. The selection of this particular piece of music was very apt. Here is Jessica’s performance of it.

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Our Next Voyage Will Be Interstellar

The noblest films to come out of the well oiled Hollywood motion picture machine are not about love, or war, or adrenaline bloated ludicrous flying cartoon characters. They are about humankind’s visceral hunger for space travel, our species wide quest to conquer deep space and to explore new worlds. These are worthy dreams, able to potentially unify humankind, lifting our collective aspirations higher than constantly fighting, arguing and warring amongst the nations as to which twisted caricature of flawed religious faith, or outdated political modality, will finally rule the world. We will really, finally, and ultimately understand that we are one species, and find a way to unify around that fact, when the world we live on and our very survival is threatened with extinction. It would take such a dire and final tragedy at this point to inspire men to lay down their backwards ideas of how to run the world, which are all rooted in the past, and begin finally facing the new galactic future which might hold our species wide salvation.

Our next epic Hollywood motion picture film journey into Interstellar space looks to nothing short of visually spectacular. Below are set stills, trailers, promotional posters and other delicious eye candy for the upcoming film release on November 7th 2014 of Interstellar, starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica, Chastain and Michael Caine.

The latest trailers are posted below from Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR. In theaters & IMAX November 7th.

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