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Kimberly Nichole Soars Onstage Singing Etta James Classic “Something’s Gotta Hold on Me”

Kimberly Nichole’s versatile music ability to smoke an R&B classic, bring an audience to the their feet with a pop song, or simmer a sultry ballad has wowed audiences and fans of The Voice this year in it’s eighth season. Tonight she made Etta James’ proud with her incredible spot on rendition of Etta’s 60s era timeless classic ‘Something’s Gotta Hold on Me’. It’s raw visceral talent like Nicole’s that makes us all appreciate what The Voice can do to being exceptional musicians into public view, when they are so deserving of being discovered and celebrated by America. Tonight I am celebrating the exceptional vocal ability and electric stage presence of Kimberly Nicole:

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Happy 30th Anniversary Footloose! Kevin Bacon Smokes It on the Tonight Show

In the event there was ever a shadow of a doubt as to whether or not Kevin Bacon can still outdance anyone half his age, here it is. Enjoy.

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